Some examples of our work

Contracted by Hanzo to develop and implement an infrastructure on AWS to comply with their customer's compliance requirements, particularly around data protection and security. Developed CloudFormation templates to automate infrastructure creation in a consistent manner. Designed high availability and scalable solution. Implemented disaster recovery and restore procedures. Ongoing operational support.

Audited existing AWS setup. Identified cost savings. Deployed auto-scaling solution for video transcodes. Created custom CloudWatch metrics to monitor the number of transcode jobs in a queue. Used Packer to build a custom AMI.

Developed the calendar module and the news dashlet for the very first version of Share. Implemented a two-factor authentication extension for Alfresco that allows users to log in with a Yubikey.

Worked on the Digital Media Initiative (DMI) project as part of a team to research and develop prototype solutions for editing video online. Researched different methods of distribution including fragmented MP4 files (smooth streaming), dynamic bit-rate streaming and HTTP live streaming on mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad.